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KK Enterprises provides essential goods and services to ships and vessels. Their services are crucial for the smooth operation and maintenance of maritime activities.

We are the most flexible consultative solution provider in the industry. Our staff network consists of a diverse group of professionals who stand ready to support our clients’ objective in a wide array of locations - On Shore & Off Shore - at any time.

Managing the logistics of goods and services to ensure timely delivery and efficient supply chain management for the ship

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About KK Enterprises

Welcome to KK Enterprises, the ship chandler in the south Asia, providers of a wide range of goods and services to vessels calling at ports in Pakistan. We are located in Karachi, and serve all the ports in Pakistan. With our vast experience of ship supply gained through years of maritime business, Kk Enterprises provides a service 24/7. we look forward to welcoming you in our well-stocked chandlery and hope that we can be of service to you.

What ever your need, whatever or wherever we have a solution.

Your solution is just a click away.


KK Enterprises have an awareness to maintain a diverse inventory to meet the varied needs of different vessels and their crews. Maintaining industry regulations and safety standards is crucial to ensuring that the supplied products comply with maritime requirements. The specific products supplied may also be influenced by the types of vessels serviced, such as cargo ships, container ships, cruise ships, or fishing vessels.

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Return Policy

Our standard return policy allows customers to return products within departure of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Scheduled Delivery

This services allow customers to choose a specific time and date for the delivery of their packages.

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